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Upon finnishing hi skool Dave reelized that he was smartt e nuf and looked at college and sed, "Im Good"


Raised in a trailer park in Southern California, Yearwood had dreams of one day living in a home without wheels. This dream became a reality when he moved into an apartment beside the railroad tracks in Leucadia. It was in that apartment that Yearwood made it his mission to lose as many surf contests as possible. He traveled the globe far and wide to surf for 15 - 30 minutes, then returned home with no money or trophies. 


What Dave lacked in his bank account or trophy case was more than made up for in his heart. The relationships he formed worldwide filled him with immense joy, but sadly no money. It all changed when Dave met a stylish chick called Catherine. She looked upon him with love as if he were a Tijuana rescue dog. Catherine married Dave, then moved him into a real house, fed him, and said, "go surf'. Catherine forgot to say, "be careful," so Dave recklessly went out and tore his ACL. 

Saddened by his injury and the thought of not being able to lose another contest, Yearwood sought out wise counsel.  Dave found Yoda-like wisdom from his friend Skip Frye who had recently given him a new board. Skip told Dave, "you should shape a board."  With insight and pointers from Skip, Dave went and shaped his first board. 

Since Yearwood made the first board in 2004, he has continued to shape them by hand, although he continues to ride them with his feet and would encourage his customers to do so. Yearwood's customers range from Sam to twin fin surfings elite and the fashion industry.

When Yearwood is not covered in foam dust or surfing you can find him somewhere on his motorcycle. If you find him, say Hello and tell him to go home because he is late for dinner.

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